One Printer Uses “Print is Dead” to Get Into the Minds of Content Creators and Decision Makers

One printer has taken the “print is dead” concept and is making presentations to communicators about how print works with digital media.

Yes, he says, print is dead, in terms of the way it was done, but now print can make the total communications effort more effective. He has posted video of his presentation to a chapter of the American Marketing Association. By the end of the presentation the audience has been snared by his fluency in their challenges, the use of analytical tools, and the nature of modern media. He spoke their language.

Remember: today's communications services buyers have never been employed at a time when print was important, and have been surrounded by computing technology since they were born. It helps that he is of the audience's generation, and is part of the new cohort of printing leaders who have experience with digital technology both personally and in their business.


From What they think?  by Dr Joe Webb