Cyber Security

Rubicon members were treated to a session on Cyber Security and the need to be ever-vigilant as the activities of the 'bad' guys continues to gather pace. Despite what we all (think) we know, our expert speaker commented on passwords noting that there continues to be vast numbers of users having either only one password for everything or failing to change what they do have in a timely fashion; i.e. regularly. Members should look at the Events update to download speaker notes on this vital subject.

VWV Presentation to Rubicon on Employment Law 3rd July 2018

Last week we had an excellent meeting at Stanton Manor when we received a first class presentation on latest employment law from a senior VWV lawyer. Please find attached the slide presentation from Gemma Cawthray for your information

In addition Gemma had kindly given us the contact details if you would like to receive regular updates from her national firm of lawyers:-

Employment Law Bulletin - from BKL

Constructive dismissal – the ‘last straw’

Detailed Guidance for Employers in reporting reimbursed expenses to HMRC

The below is courtesy of BKL, Chartered Accountants, London & Cambridge

As from 6 April 2016 the method of reporting reimbursed expenses to employees will be changing and that dispensations for expenses will be abolished as from 5 April 2016.

Zero Hours Contracts

Does your business rely to some extent on casual labour? If so, you may well be using zero hours contracts. They can be really useful, flexible ways of covering things like staff illness, seasonal work, projects and ‘on-call’ duties.

Overview of Corporate Insolvency July to September 2015 (Q3 2015)

We are pleased to add the above information courtesy of Monahans. The complete information is as the attached pdf (see foot of overview)

HMRC Employer Update August 2015 Issue 55

This is the first of a series from HMRC that provide interesting reading for employers. We will aim to get the earlier issues of this year uploaded and then continue the series going forward.  This update is currently only available in pdf form (attached).

Legal Update March 2015

The Ministry of Justice have published statistics on employment tribunal claims for the period between October to December 2014. The introduction of employment tribunal fees in July 2013 led to an accelerated decline in claims in October to December 2013, but it appears that the reduction in claims is still continuing.The statistics show that the number of single claims received by the employment tribunal had decreased 12% from the same period in 2013

Building Digital Connections with your Customers

By Jennifer Matt
Originally Published: July 1, 2014

Your sales team creates customer demand for your products and services, your production team fulfills that demand by manufacturing quality printed products on-time. Both your sales team and your production team need to be SOLD on the strategic, long-term importance of creating digital connections to your existing customers and using digital connections to win new customers.

What is a digital connection?