An Evening with Heidleberg

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 - 16:00
Heidleberg UK, Brentford, Middlesex

Heidelberg have kindly invited members to their showroom in Brentford for a late afternoon and early evening visit to explore their latest technology with a programme that explores the further automation of Offset; the Industry 4.0 Push to Stop concept; the application and uptake of Low Energy and LED UV, the folding revolution with Shingling and the P folder and the latest on the Primefire 106 inkjet press. We will conclude by exploring the offerings of a local hostelry. This is sure to be of considerable interest to members and you are advised to respond quickly to the notice calling the meeting when it is sent out shortly.

Associate Members are asked to note that, in accordance with our membership rules, this meeting is not open to competing associates at the request of the sponsor.