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Top Ten Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whilst no longer in its infancy social media is not yet out of the adolescent stage and as we all know adolescence is a difficult age. There are still regular cases of big businesses getting it badly wrong, the latest example being British Gas when they tweeted an invitation for customers “get in touch for a chat” just after putting up their prices by 9.2%. Unsurprisingly customers were keen to talk. British Gas received 16,000 tweets in 2 hours, many of them unprintable.

Over half of individuals awarded a pay out following an Employment Tribunal hearing do not receive their award in full.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

New government commissioned research published this month has found that over half of individuals awarded a pay out following an Employment Tribunal hearing do not receive their award in full.

Change, Choice and Leadership

This is an article by Wayne Lynn from the US published on the What they think? website. It perhaps reflects the UK situation and is an interesting read. However it makes no mention of the need to have "Printers", more particularly "General Printers" to start thinking about being a multi purpose business that just happens to include printing in its mix and to do so before it is too late. For what it is worth I remain convinced that the UK continues to lead the world in its ability to use electronic media, across the spectrum.

The Software you buy v The Software you use

Jennifer Matt, managing editor of WhatTheyThink's The Web and Print blog writes:

A 2002 Standish Group study of software projects found that 45% of features were never used and only 20% features were used often or always. We base our software investment decisions on the number of features a product has and then we fail to utilize 80% of those features. Does that make sense to anyone?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your digital copy?

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Which metrics matter? And which ones are you actually using?

In our recent survey of 365 content professionals about the State of Digital Copywriting, we asked how businesses measure the effectiveness of digital copy, and which metric is most useful. Ironically, the 2 answers often didn’t match up.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of digital copy, we found:

Are you getting the most out of your QR codes?

By John Foley on July 8th, 2013

Nowadays, marketing and advertising your business is becoming more technical, literally. Technology is taking over the entire system, therefore making it necessary for you to utilize technology as well. Millions of people are using their smartphones to access websites, read blog posts, and get coupons or special deals for local businesses. By learning how to incorporate QR codes into your marketing method, you can reach more customers.

Videos: Show or tell?

Video is great when it's the right medium for your message, but it shouldn't be used as a desperate measure when your other content is failing.


Companies struggling to produce readable, engaging content sometimes come up with what they see as an instant fix – video, and plenty of it.

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