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BCQ buys Fujifilm Acuity Advance HS HD3545W printer for its 'zap between the eyes' print quality


Award-winning printer BCQ is the latest company to have purchased an Acuity Advance HS HD3545W UV digital flatbed printer. The deal was finalised by BCQ chairman Richard Knowles and Fujifilm product manager Dave Cull at the Fujifilm stand at FESPA on Friday 28th June.

Survey of Digital copywriting 2013

The attached survey is full of useful information that could help to position business to take advantage of best practice in web content.

Bank of England - Changed responsibilities from April 2013

Members are asked to note the changes contained in the Agents' summary of business conditions and which can be found starting on page 39 of the Monthly Business Conditions Report for February 2013.

In particular the Bank will have three new operating areas:

Offset - Technology for the future of USA's printing. By Andrew Tribute 4th February 2013

For many years in the North American market we have been hearing of the demise of offset and that it would be taken over by digital printing. Even the great curmudgeon emeritus Frank Romano last year declared he felt that the offset/digital balance had reached a tipping point in digital’s favor. At drupa Benny Landa claimed his new Nanographic presses would be highly competitive against offset at all run lengths, and many people appear to have concluded that this may be another knife in offset’s back.

Post-DRUPA : Colloquium at The Manor

Lead speaker from the US is one of our industry's foremost keynote speakers emeritus professor Frank Romano, School of Print Media, Rochester Institute of Technology. Frank issued his first report on digital printing in 1980, ran his first conference in 1985 and continues to teach at Rochester and work with leading global academic and business organisations